Schedule of Fees and Charges

Work Days: A brief explanation

GYC employs no one to continually maintain the club. The maintenance (other than mowing and trimming) and upkeep for the building and docks falls to the members. Thus, GYC members work 4 work days per year. If you, as a member, come out and work (usually 9 am until 12), your account is credited with $10 per work day. If you do not, then the charge is used to sometimes hire outside workers for whatever is needed to keep the club maintained.


An example of on-going annual charges for a Regular member that requested an optional dry slip.

Dues: $265.00*

Dry Slip (optional): $550.00


Subtotal: $815.00

7% Sales Tax: $ 57.05


Total: $872.05

* Remember there are four work days per year. If the member worked 3 of the 4 annual workdays the the member would be credited $10/day worked or $30. This would be applied to the following year's dues.