Ground Rules (Updated 2/2020)

Gulfport Yacht Club

Home of Hobie Fleet 5

Member of U. S. Sailing Association


A) Facility fees entitle a member to the use of the grounds and ramp. It does not entitle a member to a space for a boat.

B) All boat spaces shall be assigned only by the Rear-Commodore on a first come basis to active sailing members. Slips will be assigned on the basis of size, usage, and availability. Prerequisite: Signed Lease Agreement (annually) and Proof of active Insurance (annually).

C) No boat is to be left on Club property at any time without permission from the Rear-Commodore. The Rear-Commodore must be notified when vacating slip space permanently or by quarter.

D) All dry-sailed boats must be stored on movable trailers and all associated gear off the ground to allow routine lawn and grounds maintenance.

E) Gear and equipment must be stored in the boat or on the trailer, not on the ground, on the fence, or in the clubhouse, or storage shed.

F) Every boat should be safely and securely fastened to the trailer and the trailer anchored to the ground with 4-point tie-downs. An owner is responsible for their own boat.

G) Trailers are to be kept in assigned space while the boat is being used, not left near the ramp or in the parking area.

H) Before leaving your boat, all halyards and lines should be secured away from the mast to prevent noise.

I) Boats must not be stored in the water or on the beach overnight (except wet slip boats). No boat is to be left over night on the beach east of docks.

J) The clubhouse does not have storage facilities for members. Therefore, there will be no storing of equipment or miscellaneous gear in the clubhouse or on the porch for members.

K) No cars are to be parked between the clubhouse and the water. Parking spaces are on the east side of the clubhouse and in front of the fence. Do not block the entrances to the clubhouse. Do not leave your car in front of any boat slip spaces or near the ramp.

L) Keys to the GYC facilities shall be provided to any Regular, Life, or Associate members upon payment of application and initial membership fees. GYC keys access all clubhouse, gate and facilities locks. Do not give your keys to a non-member. Doing so is grounds for dismissal from the club.

M)Members must accompany their guests at the Club at all times. Guests may be hosted by one member only during a visit to the club. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and must register their guests upon arrival to the club in the clubhouse. Any guest who has a written complaint lodged against them and submitted to the board may upon review be banned from GYC and GYC property.

N) Do not give any non-member permission to use your boat when you are not there. This is for your protection.

O) Members who loan their boats to another member must inform the Fleet Captain or Rear Commodore in writing (via email or text) including date(s) and times of use. This is for your protection.

P) Pets are allowed on GYC property so long as they are well mannered, leashed, and controlled at all times. Pets who are not under control or who show any signs of aggression will no longer be allowed at the club. Owners must clean up after their pets.

Q) Any boat or equipment or material considered an eyesore by Grounds Committee and the presiding Rear Commodore shall be required to be removed.

R) Major overhaul and construction of boats is prohibited at the Club.

S) Care about the Club. Keep the clubhouse and grounds in good condition and in neat order. Be considerate of your fellow members.

T) If there are no other members at the club when you go out sailing or leave the club please turn off the water and lights, lock all clubhouse doors, close and lock all clubhouse windows, lock gates, close and lock shed, and secure loose halyards.

U) Be respectful of fellow club members, guests, and our neighbors.