GROUND RULES


  • Quarterly facility fees entitle a member to the use of the grounds, ramp and hoist. It does not entitle a member to a space for a boat. Slips are allocated on a first come basis to senior members with documentation of liability insurance.
  • All boat spaces shall be assigned only by the Rear Commodore based on size, usage and availability. No boat is to be left on club property at any time without permission from the Rear Commodore. The Rear Commodore must be notified when vacating a slip permanently.
  • The Rear Commodore must be notified by any member to be put on a priority list for a slip. The three priority lists are List One: A member assigned to a slip who would prefer a different slip. List Two: A current member who wishes to be assigned a slip. List Three: New members who wish to lease a slip.
  • All dry sailed boats must be stored above the ground.
  • All dry sailed boats must be identified with the owners contact information.
  • Gear and equipment must be stored on the boat or the trailer, not on the ground.
  • The club does not have storage facilities for all members. Therefore, there will be no storing of equipment or gear in the clubhouse, shed, or on the porch for members’ personal belongings.
  • Every boat shall be safely and securely fastened to the trailer and the trailer anchored to the ground with a four point tie-down system. An owner is responsible for his own boat.
  • Boats on racks must be properly secured
  • Wet-slipped boats must be properly tied with adequate line.
  • Trailers are to be in assigned slips while the boat is in use, not left near the ramp or in the parking area inside the fence.
  • Before leaving your boat, all halyards and lines should be secured away from the mast to prevent noise.
  • Boats must not be stored in the water (except wet slip boats) or on the beach overnight. No boat is to be left overnight on the beach east of the docks.
  • GYC decals must be affixed to the boat.
  • No cars are to be parked between the clubhouse and the water. Parking spaces are on the side of the clubhouse and outside of the fence. Do not block the entrance to the clubhouse. Do not leave your car in front of any boat slip or near the ramp.
  • The boat ramp may be closed during junior activities, regattas or special events.
  • Members must accompany their guests at the club. Do not give any non-member your key or permission to use your boat when you are not there. This for your protection.
  • Major overhaul and construction of boats is prohibited at the club.
  • Care about your club. Keep the clubhouse and grounds in good condition and in neat order. Be considerate of your fellow members.
  • A slip may not be sublet for monetary or other consideration including sailing privileges of the vessel.
  • No member shall erect a structure or modify any existing without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  • No member shall move a boat from a slip or rack space to another without prior approval from the Rear Commodore.

    Adopted May 4,2011