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Schedule of Fees and Charges

Initiation Fee$100Must be submitted with the membership application
(for Regular membership only). Note: Sales Tax will must also be collected.

Annual Dues

Regular Member$25Must be capable of sailing your boat.
Spouse$1Full Senior member privileges.
Associate Member$8Intended for people who wish to learn sailing. No initiation fee.
Junior/Intermediates$8Intended for juniors wishing to learn sailing. No initiation fee.

Annual Facility Fees

Senior Member$200Full use of the club facilities. May be paid quarterly.
Associate$40May be paid quarterly.

Annual Storage Fees
 Optional: Assigned by the Rear Commodore
Dry Slip$550Up to 25 feet long, your trailer
Wet Slip$800Up to 25 feet long, up to xx draft
Rack$125Space on a vertical rack for dinghies
Tube$5012" diameter, 10 feet long

Annual Workday Assessments$40See Work Days explanation below.
 Sales Tax 7% All the fees and charges above are subject to sales tax

Work Days: A brief explanation
GYC employs no one to continually maintain the club. The maintenance (other than mowing and trimming) and upkeep for the building and docks falls to the members. Thus, GYC has 4 work days per year. If you, as a member, come out and work (usually 9 am until 12), your account is credited with $10 per work day. If you do not, then the charge is used to sometimes hire outside workers for what ever is needed to keep the club maintained.

An example of on-going annual charges for a Senior member that requested an optional dry slip.

Dues:                                $25.00
Facility Fees:                  $200.00
Dry Slip (optional):        $550.00
Assessments:                   $40.00*
Subtotal:                         $815.00*
7% Sales Tax:                 $  57.05*
Total:                               $872.05*

Remember there are four work days per year. If the member worked 3 of the 4 workdays the Assessments would be only $10. This would reduce the subtotal to $785 which would reduce the taxes to $54.95 and the Total to $839.95.