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December 27, 2014 Work Day Accomplishments

Geoff Hartman writes: Thanks to all that turned out last Saturday for our quarterly GYC workday! A review of the lengthy list of possible projects shows that the entire list was successfully completed. In addition, a few “wish” items that require more extensive time and specialized expertise will be completed by volunteers during the coming weeks.


Next Workday will be March 21st, 2015 - Here is a Summary of December Accomplishments.


In addition to below – We are pursuing installation of a proper First Aid Kit and updating supplies. Some of the existing items appear to date back to the founding days of the Club. Cheryl also inventoried general club supplies and will replenish as needed.


INSIDE Clubhouse:

Kitchen cabinets, dishes, drawers and shelves all cleaned out and organized! Thank you Bryson for washing all those dishes!

Cheryl updated of our Club Information Board (look for content to be updated/posted over next few weeks)

Display case, Lost & Found, and floors/tables/chairs/Bathrooms & Patio were all cleaned and organized. ** Note: 2013 & 2014 Multihull Regatta Shirts on Salefor $5 each!! **

Bob worked diligently to get the lighting working. Rob will come by with his electrician to see if there is an electrical problem soon.

Turns out the refrigerator/freezer was recently cleaned out; so that task was pre-completed.


OUTSIDE Clubhouse:

General policing, cleaning up, raking and trimming greenery.

Inventoried Dry & Wet slips, including Rack storage. Tube assignees will be contacted to verify ownership.

Anyone know who has a lock on the Upper Right-Hand Tube? If no one steps forward this month (Jan.) we will need to cut off the lock. It’s been there all year, or longer.

Ben (new member) cleaned and organized the tool shed!! – much needed.

Rob volunteered to repaint the white fence over the coming days! Thank you!

Geoff will work on applying a couple coats of sealer to the wood deck over the next week or two.


Few Outstanding Items: Please contact Geoff if you have input or to volunteer for working on these items. ( – or (832) 693-1155)

There is a large foam/plywood panel and several plastic storage containers along the west Fence. Anyone own these? If not, I recommend disposing of them as they would be a hazard in a storm.

We would like to replace the outdoor shower deck – maybe a little larger footprint – as the current one is well into a rotting phase. Any Volunteers? Maybe a gravel bed would help reduce decay as well?

The storage tubes need a few new caps. If anyone knows where to find something like this, please let Geoff know and he will purchase and fix as needed.


Thanks again for all the support! Remember, GYC is a non-profit & volunteer organization. Attending workdays saves you $10 off your workday charges on your bill, and we count on your input and support to keep the club facilities in good shape.


FINALLY: If you SEE anything that needs repair, or have suggestions for improvements – Please submit your ideas to one of the Board Members, or bring your suggestions to the monthly membership meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7:00 PM.


We also enjoyed a pizza lunch from Siri's Pizza in downtown Gulfport..

Hope to see you at the next workday!