2001 (last updated in April 2014)


1.      Only Committees may spend Club money, and no Committees may spend in excess of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) of its budget without prior authorization of the Board of Directors (given at a Board of Directors meeting). (Modified on Board Meeting of 4/17/2013) ($50.00 before Board changed in 2013)

2.      The Board of Directors shall appoint a nominating Committee on or before October 1 of each year to seek out, investigate, and present a slate of officers to the membership before the annual election of officers. Additional nominations may be offered from the floor. The annual election of officers shall be held at the November general meeting. The elected officers will begin their term of office on January 1 of the following year.

3.      Members will not be permitted to rent wet slips for powerboats.

4.      All sailboat owners who apply for Senior membership shall satisfy the membership Committee that they are able to sail their boat, if required.

5.      All members signed up for wet or dry slips will continue to be charged slip rent until they notify the Rear Commodore or the Treasurer that they no longer wish to occupy the slip. Ground rules for the allocation and use of slips shall be issued by the Board of Directors.

6.      Senior Members' annual dues shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year. Initiation fee shall be set by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors according to the Club needs. Senior Members' spouse annual fee shall be one dollar ($1.00).

7.      The Senior Member - Spouse classification is intended to recognize and encourage family participation in the activities of the Club. Both Member and spouse shall enjoy all privileges and prerequisites of the senior membership and shall be qualified to serve as officers and/or directors of the Club.

8.      Associate Member's annual dues shall be eight dollars ($8.00) per year; no initiation fee.

9.      Junior and Intermediate Member's annual dues shall be eight dollars ($8.00) per year, no initiation fee.

10.  Quarterly Facilities fees shall be charged for use of the grounds, hoist, ramp, clubhouse, etc. as set by the Board of Directors. The facilities fees shall be paid by all Senior members, Associate members and all Junior and Intermediate members whose parents are not members of the Club.

11.  Senior members, Life members and Associate members will have keys to the clubhouse and facilities.

12.  The purpose of Associate, Junior and Intermediate member classes is to accommodate and encourage people who are new to sailing and who wish to learn from those who are more familiar and accomplished in the sport. Members in these classes are encouraged to sail with Senior members as guests or crew.

13.  Associate, Junior and Intermediate members may sail club Sunfish only during planned activities, when proper arrangements for guidance and safety have been made by a Senior member.

14.  Associate members who wish to use club boats beyond planned activities, or who wish to bring their own boats to the club will be expected to apply for transfer to regular Senior membership.

15.  There shall be no initiation fee due from a Junior Member upon becoming an Intermediate Member, nor from an Intermediate Member upon becoming a Senior Member

16.  Senior members, elevated by the membership to the honorary status of Life Member shall be excused from payment of all fees except rental for wet or dry slips.

17.  Membership of new members will date from the time admitted to the next January 1, and their first dues shall be prorated from first of the month following the general meeting at which they were voted into the club.

18.  Only the Club owned motor boats may be stored on the Club property.

19.  All annual dues are due and payable in advance within 30 days beyond the billing date. All facilities fees are due in advance and may be paid annually or quarterly, within 30 days of the billing date.

20.  Any member who is inducted or joins a branch of the US Armed Forces shall be exempt from paying dues while in active service. Such member will continue to pay appropriate slip rent if their boat remains at the Club.

Further Clarified on by vote on 4/16/2014
Any person who is on active duty in the United States Armed Services shall have dues, facility fees, and work days waived while on active duty.

21.  Members are always encouraged to bring guests to the Club to sail on their boats and/or enjoy picnics and other social affairs. All guests must be accompanied by adult members of the Club.

22.  Any Board Member who has two unexcused absences may be replaced by the Board of Directors.

23.  The term" Active Sailor" shall be defined as a member who sails their boat at least twice per calendar year.