Meeting Minutes: January 21, 2015


January 21, 2015


Meeting called to order by Commodore Phil Sanchez :  7:15 p.m.



Out-going Commodore - Gordon Isco                     In-coming Commodore - Phil Sanchez Outgoing Rear Commodore - Mike Schaill  Re-elected Vice Commodore - Cheryl Johnson In-coming Rear Commodore -Geoff Hartman         Re-elected Fleet Captain - Mike Kasper Re-elected Secretary/treasurer– Bob Johnson


Board Members: Tony Kruse, In-coming Board member - Joe Murphy

Re-elected Board member - Letty Mendoza

Absent Board members: Mike Hagan, Bob Feckner


Additional members/guest: Ron & Carol Leppold, Sean and Kat Tracy, Beth Hesselton, Cheryl Murphy, Larry Scherer, Cheryl Sanchez, Chuck Hofer and friend, & Teresa Eldridge Several members of Tony Kruse's family and others


Commodore Phil Sanchez

Thanks to the outgoing Officers and Board Members---special thanks to Our Commodore, Gordon Isco who will be on the board for 2015. Gordon turned over the gavel to new Commodore Phil Sanchez.


Secretary's report: Bob Johnson

Minutes from last meeting sent to all board members


Treasurer's Report: Bob Johnson

2015 bills sent out to members---$8,558.03 collected for 2015---$39,518.59 in treasury


Mike Kasper starts Awards Ceremony at 8:40 p.m.

First Mike wants to thank those members who showed up for race committee duty throughout the year, especially, Ron Leppold, Tony Kruse, Beth Hesselton, LindaJo Nicholson, Pat Nugent, Chuck Hofer, Joe Murphy, Letty Mendoza and many others. It would not be possible to maintain our racing schedule without the help of the many volunteers.



Spring Series                                        1st place Sean & Kat Tracy  H-16


            2nd Place                 Phil Sanchez           H 16

            3rd Place                  Gordon Isco             A Cat


Summer Series    1st place Phil Sanchez & Heather Mac Donald H-16


            2nd Place                 Jason Sanchez       H16

            3rd Place                  Mike Hagan              A Cat


Fall Series                              1st Place   Phil Sanchez & Heather Mac Donald      H16


            2nd Place                 Woody Cope           A Cat

            3rd Place                  Fred Weidig             H16


Gordon Isco-Hurricane Handicap Regatta

1st Place       Mike Hagan

2nd Place     Gordon Isco

3rd Place      Tony Kruse



Better known as the Tony Kruse Birthday Regatta

            1st Place       Tony Kruse 


            2nd Place     Cheryl Johnson                 

            3rd Place      Zach Lynch                         

            4th Place       Joe Frohock                       

            5th Place       Geoff Hartman

            6th Place       Jim & Karen Kiley

            7th Place       Mike Kasper

            8th Place       Zach Figueroa



            1st Place                   Dave Ellis


            2nd Place                 Geoff Hartman

            3rd Place                  Tony Kruse

            4th Place                   Joe Frohock

            5th Place                   Joe Murphy


SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD -                  Chuck Hofer



CREW PERSON OF THE YEAR:            Kathleen Tracy



YACHT WOMAN OF THE YEAR:   Cheryl  Johnson                                                              



SKIPPER OF THE YEAR:                         Phil Sanchez



9:02---Commodore Sanchez adjourned the meeting


Thanks again to Mike and his great group of volunteers----they ran more than 55 races in 2014---Kudos


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Johnson, secretary, 2/16/2015