Gulfport Yacht Club

2013 Racing Schedule & Notice of Race




Rules                                      Rules shall be the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing as

                                                prescribed by US Sailing.


Eligibility & Entry                  Racing is open to GYC Members and guests sailing

                                                Catamarans and monohulls 22’ or shorter that have a

                                                Portsmouth Rating.  Guests pay a $10 fee for racing

                                                activities.  Guest scores do not count for

                                                club series results.


Schedule                                 The series will run from March through November.

                                                 Races will be held on the first and third Saturday of each

                                                 Month except for when regattas result in a change.

                                                 Make up races will be scheduled when regattas or other

                                                 circumstances conflict with a normal club race date.  A

                                                 minimum of 3 boats are required to race.  All races shall

                                                 be buoy races except the July 4th Tony Kruse Ironman

                                                 Regatta and the Ma Kruse Gaboon.


Skippers’ Meeting                 12 Noon for races during standard time.

                                                 1:00 PM for races during daylight savings time.

                                                 Races will generally start one hour after the Skippers’

                                                 Meeting unless otherwise stated.

                                                 Skippers’ Meeting for the Tony Kruse Ironman and Ma

                                                 Kruse Gaboon will be announced shortly before each



Spring Series                          March, April and May


Summer Series                       June, July and August


Fall Series                               September, October and November


Trophy Races                         April 6th – Howard Snyder Memorial


                                                 June 15th – Oscar Olsen Regatta

                                                 July 4th  - Tony Kruse Ironman Regatta

                                                 September 7th – Gordon Isco Hurricane Handicap Regatta









Race Committee                     All GYC Sailors wishing to be scored for the club series will be

                                                 required to serve on Race Committee at least once during the

                                                 racing season.  Member serving on Race Committee will

                                                 receive points equal to their series average for each race

                                                 served.  GYC Sailors wishing to opt out of serving on Race

                                                 Committee may pay a $50 opt out fee which will be applied to

                                                 help offset the cost of racing activities at the club.


Start Sequence                        Five minute start sequences will be used.  Boats starting more

                                                  than 15 minutes after the start will not be scored.  Last start

                                                  will be no later than 4:00 PM during standard time and

                                                  5:00 PM during daylight savings time.


Scoring                                    Races will be scored using the US Sailing Portsmouth number.

                                                 No scores will be excluded.  Members serving on Race

                                                 Committee will receive points equal to their series average for

                                                 each race served.


                                                Each race will be tallied for the series and yearly totals per



                                                Place               Points

1                                          8

2                                          6

3                                          5

4                                          4

5                                          3

6                                          2

DNF                1

DNS/DSQ       0


Non-trophy races are awarded single point values.

Trophy races are awarded double point values.

The Ma Kruse Gaboon is awarded triple point values.


Awards                                   A yearly GYC Series Winner will be awarded to the Skipper

                                                with the most points earned.  Crew of the Year will also be

                                                awarded.  There will also be Spring, Summer and Fall Series

                                                Awards presented as well as awards for the named Trophy

                                                Races.  Top Female Sailor will be awarded Yacht Woman of

                                                the year.    


Courses                                  Courses will be standard US Sailing Mutihull Courses.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                Start/Finish Line                  The Start & Finish Lines are closed.  You may unwind to clear

                                                yourself.  A barging buoy may be used and is considered part

                                                of the signal boat.


    Abandonment                       Racing will be postponed if the sustained wind is above 20MPH.

                                               A race will be abandoned if the first boat does not round the

                                               weather mark in 45 minutes or if the wind speed drops below 3

                                               MPH for more than 15 minutes.


     Safety                                  All race participants must wear a PFD at the start of the first



     Authority                            All decisions made by the Fleet Captain are final.






Gulfport Yacht Club                   4638 Del Rio Way S.  Gulfport , Florida   33711