Gulfport Yacht Club

4638 Del Rio Way S.   Gulfport, Florida  33711

Next Members Meeting ...Wednesday  May 21st....7:00pm 

Gulfport Yacht Club

Welcome to the Gulfport Yacht Club . We are a Sailing Club located in Gulfport Florida on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay. We are an active sailing club (not a storage facility), with both dry and wet slips accommodating sailboats up to 25ft. Feel free to browse our web site and email us with any questions you may have.

Mike Kasper (Fleet Captin) Hands out awards at the

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April 19th 2014

April 25th, 26th and 27th

April 25th, 26th and 27th

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April 2014

April 5th - Club Race  1:00 Skippers meeting - Howard Snyder Memorial

April 16th -Members Meeting 7:00pm

April 19th - Club Race  1:00 Skippers meeting


April 25th-27th - GYC Multihullegatta


Please Note:

 1st Race starts Saturday 11:00am

The board wanted to be sure that all members were aware of several items.

1. "All annual dues are due and payable in advance within 30 days beyond the

    billing date."

2." All facility fees are due in advance and may be paid annually or quarterly

    within 30 days of the billing date."

3. "All boat spaces shall be assigned only by the Rear-Commodore on the basis

    of size, usage, and availability. No boat is to be left on club property at any

    time without permission of the Rear-Commodore. The Rear-Commodore must

    be notified when vacating a slip space permanently or by quarter."


Our Rear-Commodore is Mike Schaill---his phone # is 727-954-4500

With that being said, we are trying to identify several items at the club

Item 1: a Hobie 16 on the west side of the building: trailer license BAN T44

            with an August 2014 expiration sticker

Item 2: A canoe on the top right side of the storage racks


If you have questions, please feel free either e-mail me at:

Or call me on my cell: 727-215-9357


Please Note:

GYC Event's

GYC Event's

Pursuant to "The Amended Articles of Incorporation of the Gulfport Yacht Club, Inc.


Article VIII


"Such by-laws as may be deemed necessary for the government of the corporation shall be adopted, and from time to time be amended by the following procedure: The proposal shall be made at a Board of Directors meeting, and the total membership shall be notified in writing of such proposal. The proposal shall lie on the table for at least thirty (30) days before final action is taken. Any changes, deletions, or additions to the by-laws shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the votes cast by the Senior members present after being duly notified."


From 2-27-2014 Board Meeting at GYC

The board discussed item 17 [" Article 17…Any member who is inducted or joins a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces shall be exempt from paying dues while on active duty." ] in the bylaws that defines members of GYC who are on active duty in the military. The board discussed clarifying item 17 concerning the dues. Recognizing that we are already waiving the dues, facility fees, and work days for 1 member and only charging that member to store his boat at Gulfport Yacht Club,

Mike Schaill motioned that we add the following changes…

Any person who is on active duty in the United States Armed Service shall have dues, facility fees and work days fees waived while on active duty.

Seconded by Bob Feckner                            Unanimous/No dissent


Commodore Isco noted we would need to take this to the whole membership before we could make the vote final. The secretary was changed with sending out this by e-mail.

Please Note:


GYC Multi-Hull


  Hobie Points



GYC Multi-Hull


  Hobie Points


Not only did Shawn and Kat Tracy take three bullets for the day in 12 to 18 mph winds but then they came in and cooked a wonderful lunch of fajitas and corn salad for all of us.

Please Note:  1st Race starts Saturday 11:00am