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Work day is this Saturday, June 30 from 9 AM to noon.

Lunch will be provided after work is done.

Some of the items on our chore list:
  • Hang new fan on the porch
  • Touch up paint in the shower
  • Repaint the picnic benches
  • Patch the roof on the gazebo / pavilion by the water with sealant
  • Repaint the sign by the water to include "private club" and "no trespassing" notes
  • Defrost and clean fridge
  • Mop clubhouse floors
  • Clean up beach

Items of interest
  • Check out our Facebook page where we track progress on our events and happenings.
  • Remember the GYC Calendar is continually updated as changes happen.

Members please note:
  1. All boat spaces shall be assigned only by the Rear-Commodore on the basis of size, usage, and availability. 
  2. No boat is to be left on club property at any time without permission of the Rear-Commodore. 
  3. The Rear-Commodore must be notified when vacating a slip space permanently.
Our Rear Commodore is Ben Landry, email: